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AeroMed Air Filters
High Capacity V-Cell
AeroMed HC
AeroMed air filters provide innovative solutions for healthcare facilities. The AeroMed HC is a high capacity rigid box filter made entirely of synthetic components. The AeroMed HC filter is available in 65, 85, and 95% ASHRAE efficiencies. The pressure drop of the filter is as much as 40% less that of traditional rigid filters. This provides a significant energy savings to the building operator.
AeroMed Bag Filter
AeroMed synthetic bag filters are available with average efficiency ratings ranging from 45-95%*. Utilizing pockets made from 100% polypropylene, these filters are safe, environmentally friendly and very effective! The high performing, melt blown, synthetic media, is protected by a scrim backing on the air leaving side, is water resistant and non-shedding. The Ultra-sonic welding process used to seal the pockets eliminates the need for needle stitching and hot melt sealing of the filter. This welded pocket has a high burst strength and maintains its integrity under turbulent or high-pressure conditions. The filter material contributes no known contaminants to the air stream, is inherently anti-microbial (no added chemicals) and its disposal produces only environmentally friendly by-products.
Bag Filter
HEPA Filter
AeroMed HEPA Filter
AeroMed HEPA filters are designed to meet the critical filtration requirements where airborne contaminants may cause health hazards.

Only materials that meet our stringent quality standards are utilized. All manufacturing steps are closely monitored to insure that every filter will perform as expected.

AeroMed HEPA filters are available in a variety of framing materials, which include particleboard, galvanized steel, aluminum and stainless steel. The gasket type sealing frames are available in double turned flange (DTF), and single header styles in metal, and box and single header styles in wood. These frames are also available in Gel Seal style. They are available in three flow rate capacities to meet varying fan capacities of Standard, Low Resistance and High Capacity.

AeroMed HEPA filters are certified to be a minimum of 99.97% @ 0.3 m particles and meet the requirements of IEST RP-CC-001.3, type A filters. Scanned Ultraseal filters are certified to be a minimum of 99.99% @ 0.3 m particles and meet the requirements of IEST RP-CC-001.3, type C filters.

AeroMed Pleated Filter
AeroMed pleated filters are available in economy, standard and high capacity models with an average efficiency rating of 25-30%. Unlike many competitive brands that use a less efficient, outdated cotton/poly media, AeroMed pleated filters utilize a 100% synthetic, gradient density non-woven media, which represents the latest in pleated filter media technology. It is totally hydrophobic so it will not absorb moisture. AeroMed pleated filters are made of durable, heavy-duty construction. An expanded metal retainer is bonded to the air leaving side of the media to maintain uniform pleat spacing and to eliminate vibration of the pleat pack. The pleat pack is enclosed in a strong, double-wall beverage board frame, which resists moisture from humidity or intermittent rain. For additional frame rigidity, all diagonal supports of the beverage board frame are securely bonded to the pleats
Pleated Filter
A.S.H.R.A.E. 52.2 Users Guide
Air Filter Testing - Confused about the new ASHRAE 52.2 filter test.  Would you like to learn about the new MERV filter ratings and how they relate to the older ASHRAE tests?  Click on the National Air Filter Association logo to the left to view a file that explains it all!

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