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Doc in the Box Secure Display of Isolation Room Sign
Doc in the Box Isolation Room Sign

Doc in the Box is a locking display case that is perfect for displaying service information, as well as room and equipment certifications or history. The Doc in the Box is especially helpful for facilities which are regulated such as hospitals and nursing homes.  Doc in the Box™ products may be used as an integral part of a facility wide infection control engineering program to battle infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, SARS and avian influenza.

In today’s work environment, the performance of critical equipment and environments is carefully planned, maintained and verified. All of this hard work may be for naught if it is not properly documented and displayed. In certain regulated environments performance and service history records should be displayed at the point of use. Traditional service tags, however, may be intentionally or inadvertently altered or removed which may call into question the facilities compliance with regulations.

The Doc in the Box comes in various sizes and may be mounted directly to equipment or mounted on a wall. The Doc in the Box has a low profile, protruding less than one inch from the mounting surface, presenting little if any interference with normal operation.


Doc in the Box mounted on portable HEPA air purifier
Doc in the Box mounted on portable air purifier

Signage - The Doc in the Box is ideal for use as a sign holder for areas such as hospital isolation rooms.  These rooms may be used for a variety of different types of isolation.  Staff is required to post a sign on the door of the isolation room that displays what type of isolation the room is being used for.  Displaying the sign inside of a permanently mounted and secure case ensures the facility that only authorized staff members are changing the signs.  It also ensures that the sign will not fall off which may lead to unprotected exposure to the isolation environment.

Service Tags – The Doc in the Box may be used to securely display service information on critical care equipment.  This is especially important in public use areas such as waiting areas and emergency rooms were the documentation might be tampered with or removed by patients or visitors in those areas.

Certification – Public display of equipment or room certification is often recommended or required. Equipment such as elevators or areas such as isolation rooms and operating rooms often display certification or inspection records at the point of use.  Displaying this information in a secure case helps ensure that the information is available to inspectors upon demand.

Locking display cases are keyed alike
All Doc in the Box Displays are keyed alike
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secure display of service records on equipment
Service documentation securely displayed