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General Overview

Healthcare facilities rely on positive and negative pressure rooms to control airborne pathogens and reduce the number of hospital acquired infections. These rooms need to be tested frequently to provide visual verification that they are performing properly. AeroMed offers several smoke products to assist these facilities in performing these tests.


The AeroMed smoke-bottle is ideal for the required periodic checks of negative pressure and positive pressure rooms.  Each smoke-bottle contains a glass ampoule containing titanium-tetrachloride (TiCl4) In a protective plastic shield.  To activate the smoke bottle, the technician simply breaks the ampoule in the bottle.  The smoke-bottle will now release a dense white smoke when squeezed.  Each bottle can be used for the next 24 hours after the ampule has been broken.  No open flame or sparks are required to activate the smoke-bottle making this product ideal for situations where an open flame or spark is not acceptable.  The smoke generated by the smoke bottle is corrosive.

Smoke Pen

The new smoke pen from AeroMed is truly an innovation for airborne professionals and anyone that needs just the right amount of test smoke when and where it is needed.

The smoke pen works like a mechanical pencil. A patented smoke-emitting wick is inserted into the convenient to use pen, adjust the wick to provide 3/8" of exposed wick, light the wick with a match or lighter. The smoke pen will provide a continuous trail of smoke. The smoke pen can then be easily extinguished by simply replacing the protective cover and stored for re-use. Each wick provides three hours of continuous smoke or 360.individual 30 second tests!

This non-toxic, cool burning emitter is ideal for air balancing, verifying ventilation, testing smoke alarms, as well as tests for negative and positive pressure rooms.

Powder Puffers

The AeroMed powder-puffer contains very fine silica powder with a particle size of 0.007 microns. This silica powder has an enormous external surface area of 350 m2/g. When the bottle is squeezed, the powder is released in the air forming realistic powdered smoke. The powder-puffer is used for checking draft in fume hoods, visual air balancing, testing of air purifying and filtration equipment. Each bottle generates approximately 200 puffs for safe and practical air flow tests.

Smoke Matches

The Splitax smoke emitter is an ideal tool for air flow specialists, providing 30 cubic feet of clean, non-toxic white smoke. This easy to use smoke emitter has been successfully used for testing when there is a need for only a small amount of smoke.

Practical uses include smoke detectors, chimney draft, appliance fumes, fume hoods, airflow patterns, etc.. The particle size (.3 – 2.5 micron) in the smoke makes this unique product a tremendous tool for testing high efficiency air filters and other air purifying devices.

The Splintax smoke match provides 30 seconds of cool burning, non-toxic smoke. It is self extinguishing and leaves behind no residue. These smoke emitters are also free of zinc and oil, and will not drip or stain. The Splintax matches have a long shelf life, guaranteed for three years.

Additional Information

Smoke Bottles: Model #:              AM-SB      10 / pack

Smoke Pens: Model #:                  AM-SP     Sold individually

                                                                   Provided with 6 wicks

Smoke Pen Wicks: Model #:       AM-SPW    Pack of 6 wicks

Powder Puffers: Model #:            AM-PP        10 / pack

Smoke Matches: Model #:           AM-SM      20 matches per pack